Joyful Noise Recordings

Child Bite

The Living Breathing Organ Summer

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  • (white tape)


Release Info

Catalog #: JNR54
Release Date: 06/14/2010

Track List

  1. Manacles
  2. Odd Inn  [MP3]
  3. Age of Vacuum Trotters
  4. Paws Perilous
  5. Limpin' 'Round & Pussy Footin'
  6. Organ Summer
  7. Barks To Addle
  8. Black Pyramid Mausoleum
  9. Mates In Torso
  10. Born With Both Parts
  11. Savory Grandeur
  12. Grotesque Holiday
  13. Flags of Vermillion


Like a perfectly balanced amphetamine drunk, The Living Breathing Organ Summer exudes euphoria, urgency, baseless paranoia and a mild sense of vertigo. With their most recent effort, Child Bite seems to have thrown caution to the wind - mashing their punk vigor with avant-garde ideals into a no-fluff sound that is both consistently danceable and brazenly psychotic. 

Grab your copies of Oh the Places You'll Go, Where the Sidewalk Ends, Dark Crystal and The Odyssey and blend them up with the first season of Real Sex, Naked Truth and a few Irvine Welsh novels. This should give you a decent sampling of the manner of storytelling lead vocalist Shawn Knight orates; in parts ululating howl and parts stern (almost terrifying) warble. The musical pulpit from which Knight preaches his homilies of the strange is comprised of the bone shattering rhythm section of Danny Sperry on drums and Sean Clancy on bass guitar. Sperry infuses the random with the precise without ever straying from his thesis statement of Urgency is the Impetus for Groove, while Clancy hurls his fingers of agile concrete at the strings of his purple jazz bass as if carving Michelangelo's David were an event in a strong man contest. 
Drawing influence from the likes of The Jesus Lizard, Devo, and Dead Kennedys with applications of soul, synth, and funk laden quirks - Child Bite are an eccentric orchestra of punk adrenaline, avant-garde mortar, and lucid epicurean nightmares. Do not fret or succumb to the feelings of pretense or fright you might be experiencing. This band is a family, a statement, a hobby, an ethos, an outlet, and a bear hug. Put your anxious and self-indulgent lobes to good use.