Joyful Noise Recordings

Dinosaur Jr.

Cassette Trilogy

  • (first three dinosaur jr. albums, packaged in a screen-printed, custom wooden box set, limited to 500 hand-numbered copies)



Release Info

Catalog #: JNR86
Release Date: 12/12/2011

Track List

  1. Dinosaur (full album)
  2. You're Living All Over Me (full album)
  3. Bug (full album)


Sold as a 3-album collection, the Cassette Trilogy includes each album from the classic Dinosaur Jr. canon: 1985'sDinosaur, 1987's You're Living All Over Me, and 1988's Bug. Limited to a one-time pressing of 500 hand-numbered copies, the release is packaged in a custom-built, screen-printed wooden box set, featuring the classic Dinosaur Jr. "monster" artwork. The individual cassettes are manufactured on high-quality chrome tape with purple, black, and white shells. Each are individually wrapped with 8 panel original artwork.
The custom boxes were designed and constructed by Deep Wood Workshop, and screen-printed by In Case of Emergency Press.