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Common Ordering Questions:
Q: Why hasn't my order arrived?
A1: More than likely, because it's a pre-order. To check if this is the case, go to the item's page and look for the Release Date located under Release Info.
A2: If you have an account on our site, you may log in and check the status of your order by scrolling to the bottom of the homepage and clicking Orders in the right-hand corner.
A3: If your item has shipped, but you haven't received a tracking number, try searching your inbox for [email protected]. Chances are, it was caught by your spam filter.
A4: If you are an international customer, and your item was shipped more than 2 weeks ago but has still not arrived, try contacting your local postal service. At this time, we are unable to provide tracking for packages once they leave the US, but your local post office may have additional information. Occasionally, larger packages get snagged by Customs. (Please have ready the tracking number you received, as it may help them to locate your package more easily.)
Q: My order arrived, but it was damaged in shipping. Can you replace it?
A1: If your order was damaged during shipping, or otherwise, send an email to [email protected] and yell at us about it. Please be sure to include photos showing the damage so we feel extra terrible.For orders with minimal damage that has not affected the audio quality of the product (bent corners of LP jackets, etc.), we may ask you to cover the shipping cost of the replacement. If we are replacing a limited edition item that was hand-numbered, please include a photo of the number.
Q: Shipping isn't cheap... can I combine orders that I placed at different times?
A: We hope to accommodate this in the future, but unfortunately our site does not allow us to combine orders at this time. If this feature does become available, we will be sure to let everyone know. :)
Q: Where is my download?
A1: If you have an account on our site, you can always access your downloads by logging in and going to your Downloads page.
A2: You should have received an email at the time of your purchase containing a download link. Search your inbox for [email protected] or your order number ("Order #_____").
A4: If you are trying to download a pre-order, the full album is usually not available until the week of the release date. At that time, you will receive an email containing a link and a download code.
A5: If you attempted to download your MP3s to a MOBILE DEVICE, it probably didn't work. Most mobile devices (including iPhone/iPad) will not allow direct downloads. We recommend downloading your files to a computer, importing them into a media player, and then syncing to your device. If you exceeded your download limit while attempting to download to your phone, don't fret. Just send an email to [email protected] and we can send you another one.
A6: If you've successfully downloaded your MP3, but you are not able to unzip the file, you are most likely running original Windows 8 software. It was awesome when Microsoft chose to use a Kishi Bashi song to promote Windows 8, but they forgot to make the first edition compatible with Mac zip files. To fix this problem, simply update your Windows software, or download WinZip for free here.
Other Common Questions:
Q: I'd like to use a song by one of your artists in a film/commercial/etc... who should I contact
Q: Will you ever re-press that awesome limited edition release from [band name here]?
A: Nope. If we announce that a release is limited to a certain amount of copies on a certain format it means exactly that. We do not press more copies even if the demand is high. We don't think it's right to devalue the special limited edition release for the folks who ordered early just to make a couple extra bucks. Now, occasionally we might reissue a sold out album in a different format, but we will never simply press more copies of a release that was conceived of and promoted as limited edition. So yes, sorry to all you folks who didn't get your hands on Dinosaur Jr.'s Cassette Trilogy. Try Ebay or Discogs. 
Q: Why are many of your releases so limited? I want a goddamned copy without having to buy it on Ebay for 300% markup...
A: Because we want our physical releases to be special. We love to curate unique and sometimes ridiculously elaborate releases, which are usually only limited to a few hundred copies. It’s unfortunate that there are some who resell our releases at heightened prices, but for every one of those Ebay opportunists there are a hundred enthusiastic fans who do with the release what was intended: geek out.
Q: I am a subscriber to the Flexi Disc series, and I have moved. How do I change my address?
Q: I work for an awesome record store and we'd like to carry your releases. How can we make that happen?
Q: Can I be an intern for the label?
A: Maybe! If you are interested in applying to be an intern with Joyful Noise you'll need to fill out an internship application so we can determine if you are the right fit. 
Q: Where do you get your vinyl/cassettes/flexis/box sets manufactured?
A: All of our vinyl and flexis are manufactured by the good people at Pirates Press. They are swell, and we highly recommend them. Our cassettes are manufactured by the equally fine people of National Audio Company. Our wooden box sets are custom built by this total asshole named Zach Petersen at Deep Wood Workshop. Just kidding, Zach is awesome. 
Q: Where did you get your label name?
A: "Joyful Noise" was chosen as the name of the label mostly because our label founder thought it would be an appropriate name for a noise label, and it seemed to embody the idea of making noise that was passionate and enlightened. Plus it was the name of a Sun Ra documentary. The name has been a blessing and a curse, due mostly to certain unaffiliated religious connotations which some folks read into the name. For a full explanation from the label founder Karl Hofstetter, check out
Q: I work at a radio station/press outlet, can I get promos / advanced downloads?
Q: Can I get a bunch of free posters/stickers/etc to help promote a show in my area?
Q: Who draws those sweet thank you notes that you include in your orders?
A: Our thank you notes are drawn by Jessica Dunn and Justin Shimp, AKA BrainTwins. They are awesome. Check out some of their work at
Q: Do you guys book shows at your label headquarters?
A: Yes, but we are not a traditional venue. Our stage is used for intimate performances by bands on the roster or affiliates of the label. We generally have 1-2 shows per month, one of which usually occurs on the first Friday of every month. 
Q: Will you book my band?
A: Not unless you are affiliated with the label. And if you were, you probably wouldn't be reading this. So, no.
Q: Who's actually in charge at Joyful Noise? Who exactly is the Chief-in-Command?
A: That would be Reagan. She runs a pretty tight ship around here.