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Jookabox / Kid Primitive Family

  • (white tape, limited to 100 copies)


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Release Info

Catalog #: JNR46
Release Date: 03/09/2010

Track List

Side A: Jookabox

  1. Daughter Of Dreams (w/ Lisa Berlin)
  2. Giuseppi's Pass (w/ Dave Segedy)
  3. John Kill Meets the Brick People (w/ John Kill)  [MP3]

Side B: Kid Primitive Family

  1. The Sun (Dance)  [MP3]
  2. Lightworker's Manifesto
  3. The Four Teachers and the Initiate


Limited to just 100 cassette copies, the Jookabox / Kid Primitive Family split is an ethereal, percussive-heavy exercise in existential musical chairs. On Side A, Jookabox re-discovers his folk roots - producing intimate, home-recorded experiments and re-interpretations of previous work with collaborators Lisa Berlin, Dave Segedy, and John Kill. 

Side B showcases Chicago's Kid Primitive Family exploring guided meditation, Tuvinian throat singing, and strange new-world mysticism. Throughout the record, hip-hop tendencies weave in and out, pulsating percussion and echoey, layered vocals abound, and consciousness generally expands. Jookabox gets you in the mood, and Kid Primitive lures you over the edge.