Joyful Noise Recordings

Jorma Whittaker


  • ("yellow halo" vinyl, limited to 500 hand-numbered copies, includes instant MP3 download)
  • (black vinyl, includes instant MP3 download)
  • (instant download of 320 kbps MP3s)


Release Info

Catalog #: JNR127
Release Date: 12/03/2013

Track List

  1. I Like You I Love You
  2. (She Would Make A Good) Tattoo
  3. The Bewitchin' Pool 
  4. Interlude One
  5. Kidding Me
  6. Interlude Two
  7. Rock Dove
  8. Untitled III
  9. Pepperonis
  10. Interlude Three
  11. Dignity
  12. Interlude Four
  13. I Knew it Would Come
  14. My Thoughts


In his first solo-release since his 2001 debut on Secretly Canadian, Jorma Whittaker dishes up the most accomplished work of his career: a dark & menacing soul record simply titled "Jorma".
The notorious singer-songwriter of the lo-fi-psyche group Marmoset is now accompanied by Indianapolis threesome Heavy Hometown. Led by producer Corey Barnes, the mordant, avant-sinister persona of Jorma's previous work is here in the ascendancy, fleshed out by a diverse array of instrumentation. Fuzzed-out guitars of former incarnations remain, but they are joined here by clarinet licks, creepy organs, a horn section, and lonely piano riffs.
It is still possible to compare Whittaker's body of work to the output of other musicians--Velvet Underground, Atlas Sound, Swell Maps, Syd Barrett, Robert Pollard & Alexander Skip Spence have been cited in the past--but (as Pitchfork has noted) the "twisted amalgam of psychedelia, sexuality, and off-kilter melodicism remains undeniably unique."