Preview: Conveyor at Joyful Noise HQ on Sunday, July 29th! [Live]


This is a really exciting time of year to see shows. Everybody and their mom is going to be on tour the next few weeks. Even I’m going to be on tour, and I never do stuff like that. Part of the thrill of booking a tour is that you discover great new bands from across the country. I’ll be playing with a band from Brooklyn called Conveyor in Washington DC on June 27th, and then, while we continue to their home base of New York for the weekend, they’ll be coming to my hometown of Indianapolis and playing at Joyful Noise Headquarters! Since I can’t be there to see it myself, I’ll try my best to encourage you to go.

Conveyor (Brooklyn)
& Bait & Tackle Tabernacle.
Sunday, June 29th at Joyful Noise Headquarters!

They describe themselves as “a band.” And they go on to say, “the music is best described as melodic, harmonic, rhythmic, predominantly major-key, and adequately fits under the categories of rock and pop, with additional associations, more or less strong, to related sub-genres.” Accurately and completely describing unique music is somewhat beyond my capabilities as well, so here’s some information on their most recent project instead.

Conveyor released a new album in May called Prime. The music was composed and performed alongside two live screenings of THX 1138 – the first feature film written and directed by George Lucas and perhaps his only notable foray in the field of science fiction. The film lends itself well to such a project; the imagery and pacing set an open and thoughtful mood that can be explored fairly deeply. Listen to a sample from their bandcamp page:

They also have explored more conventional ground over the years with some exciting tweaks. For example, “Mammal Food” has a great scuzzed-out, fuzzed-out groove, and “Woolgatherer” provides some bouncy, pleasant pop that would be fun to bounce around pleasantly to. Coincidentally, both of those songs have music videos, and you can watch them as many times as you want for free:

Fountain Square kingpins Bait & Tackle Tabernacle (ft. Peter King, Fred Brown, & JNR artist Jorma Whittaker) will provide local support.

Conveyor Website:
Conveyor Facebook Page:

As a side note, another band I’ll be playing with in DC, Br’er, will be playing at The Back Door in Bloomington on June 22nd with Kam Kama, Bebop Tsunami, & DJ’s Drekka & Ray. I’d highly encourage you to check that one out too!

Yonatan Gat @ JNR [Live]


Iberian Passage Artwork

When: Wed. June 4th

Where: Joyful Noise Recordings

Who else: Yip Deceiver, Oreo Jones

I arrived late, per usual, just catching “Thanks, we’re Yip Deceiver” before the in-between-sets music faded in and the first band began breaking down their equipment. I quickly found a familiar face, asking what I had missed, if I could bum a cigarette to kill some time before the next set, and grabbed a beer. I wandered downstairs and outside into a circle of mostly unknown attendees. It was a pretty low key crowd. Everyone seemed to be prepared for what was about to happen when Yonatan Gat performed, making short remarks, like “This is about to be insane” and “He goes so hard, man”.

 I had met him the previous day as I was fulfilling my intern duties, scanning Twitter for posts about Kishi Bashi, and watching the latest Lil Bub video (for research) when he and his bandmates came in to pick up some records for their tour. He was nice and fairly quiet, the way someone is when they enter a room of people they don’t know yet. So, my expectation for his live performance was wavering on totally crazy or pretty lax. You can never tell with the quiet ones.

What he gave me and the rest of wednesday’s crowd was something bordering complete perfection and total mind control. From the get go, the performance was electric. Yonatan set me in a trance with his guitar, which was jazzy, but totally punk at the same time, and then suddenly, a snap from the drums would send the entire set into a whirlwind of riffs and improvised drum beats.

Most impressive were these improvisations, involving crowd participation, chanting, and at one point, Yonatan just de-tuning his guitar in the most sonically pleasing way I’ve ever experienced. The band was fully immersed in the room, shuffling around, turning on and off lights at certain parts in the set, entering the crowd, really having total control over the room, which was an exact reflection for all three of their talents. When a song began to get too fast or too involved for me to follow, they kept it together, testifying to their solidity as a trio.

After their set, I had to leave; not because I was so overwhelmed that I couldn’t possibly take any more rock’n'roll (though a little true), but because I promised to get drunk with some friends elsewhere. I left thinking about how the quiet ones are the most surprising.

If you want to experience the Gat for yourself, check out Kotonou, the third track on his new album, which you can purchase here!

My Three Minutes of (peculiar) Glory [Random Tale]

My name is Josh Turner and I am an intern here at Joyful Noise.

Last Thursday morning, I had the most peculiar experience. I put on makeup, and under bright lights and the eyes of millions, had a jovial chat with and played guitar for a former NFL star defensive end. It sounds like an entry from my dream journal.

screen shotBut it isn’t. This is how it happened.

I curate a YouTube page which has slowly but steadily been gaining popularity since I created it in 2007. Every so often, an internet-er will post one of my videos to the social page Reddit, the so-called “Front Page of the Internet.” As it turns out, some lucky fellow or fellows at the media giant ABC are paid to spend their days trawling Reddit’s depths for videos, and it was by this that I came to receive a phone call from a New York area code last Monday. “My name is S—-, from Good Morning America. We saw your clip on Reddit and were wondering if you’d like to be on the show.”

So two days later, I dropped everything and boarded a plane for New York–ABC paid for my plane tickets, car service, and accommodations. I rode to ABC studios in black Lincoln with tinted windows at 5:30 on Thursday morning. I sat around, did a sound check on set, put on a lapel mike, and received a face full of foundation from a woman who informed me that I looked “Gwah-jus.” At exactly 7:48 AM, they pulled the giant sliding doors, and I walked onto national television. I needn’t describe the content of the segment–see below–but I can say that it was utterly surreal. Contrived, hyper-polished and pure showbiz, the segment was over in just as precise time as it started. “AAAAND BREAK!” was shouted, my dad and I had our photo taken with Mr. Strahan, I got that godforsaken shit off of my face, and the whole ordeal was over before 8 AM. 

When people refer to dreams becoming reality, it usually connotes the fulfillment of a longtime desire. I don’t know about you, but when I go to bed at night, I don’t dream of owning a yacht or creating world peace. I dream of weird vignettes that don’t seem to make any sense.

So I can honestly say that last Thursday was a dream come true.

Jad Fair and Danielson Team Up, Create Bliss [Misc / WTF]

solid gold heart

The second LP out of the 4 album collab project from Jad Fair has been announced recently and I was lucky enough to be able to check it out pre-release. Here’s my take:

From the very start of this record, the opening track “Go Ahead” shows Daniel Smith basking in all of his freak-folk glory. Track two highlights Fair’s vocal abilities, sounding parallel to Conor Oberst with Danielson’s back-up singers there to compliment him eccentrically. If you are a fan Jad Fair as well as Danielson, this collaboration should sound exactly as you expect it to (which is hopefully a good thing). It is clear from the beginning that they aren’t trying to do anything groundbreaking here, they just want to keep you entertained with short, sweet, folk-pop tracks. Smith said in a statement, “The goal was to make three-minute pop songs, as accessible and fun and immediate as possible.” And they did just that. Standout tracks include: “Go Ahead”, “Not No”, “You Got Me In a Spin”, and “Here’s Our Time”.

You can order the box-set here. Hurry… There’s only a few left!!!

Summer Internship Openings [Misc / WTF]

By (Staff Post)


If you would like to come help us spread great music and promote rad artists go here and fill out an application.

It is an unpaid internship (that is if you don’t count spectacular records and life-long memories as payment). Only eight hours per week. We ask for a ten week commitment from the first week of June to the first week of August.

Come hang out, help us pack up records, promote bands online, run shows and pal around!
Here’s the application. Can’t wait to hear from you soon!

JNR Intern FAQ:

“Will I get paid?”

Not in American dollars, but in a myriad of other wonderful ways that include but are not limited to: beer, condoms, rad concerts, mingling with rock stars, uplifting comradery, work experience, and free records!

“What’s my schedule look like?”

How much are you willing to work? Eight hours a week broke up into two four-hour days will get the title of official JNR intern.

“Will you put out my band’s record?”

Sorry, we don’t mix business and pleasure ;)

“Will I learn how to survive in the wasteland that is the modern day music industry?”

Damn skippy! That is, if you’re paying attention.

“Will this internship make my Mom and Dad swell with pride?”

You’ll be their new favorite child. Guaranteed.

“Can I use my status at JNR to help further my romantic conquest?”

You betcha’ you little Casanova you! Don’t forget to use those free condoms…