Announcing: “Precariat” the new album from CJ Boyd [Announcements]

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We are very excited to announce the new full-length album from nomadic bass player CJ Boyd. Bassist, composer, and vagabond, CJ Boyd uses low-end loops and voices in order to stop time. On perpetual tour since March 2008, movement and stasis are both at the center of his music. Utilizing only upright bass, bass guitar and voice, CJ creates a distinctive meditative atmosphere. Songs slowly build from singular, meditative bass lines into explosive, layered, and hugely complex walls of sound. The upcoming album is his first since 2012, and his finest work to date. Stream the epic 14-minute track “Peradora” below to get a taste. 

Precariat is now available via pre-order on Sea Blue & Coke Bottle Green vinyl w/ Black splatter (limited to just 150 hand-numbered copies), Sea Blue/Green Vinyl, Black Vinyl, and Digital.


Kishi Bashi boxset included in new book “Collector’s Edition” [Art / Production]

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Collector's Edition

Collector’s Edition: Innovative Packaging and Graphics, by Stuart Tolley, “brings together 180 contemporary examples of specialist, deluxe, limited edition, large format graphic design that has been created for the music, book and magazine industries.”

We’re thrilled that Stuart Tolley included Kishi Bashi’s singles boxset in his book, especially considering the humbling works accompanying. There’s a lot of incredible content in here! Check out the website for a taste.

PS, The boxset is sold out, but the singles are still available.


Announcing: Ko [Announcements]

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We are excited to introduce you to the new project known as Ko.

Ko is the pseudonym of Kristin Newborn: vocalist, guitarist, and downright badass. From the age of 18, Kristin was classically trained by a religious cult show choir. No foolin’. But as fucked up as that experience must have been, Kristin emerged victorious. A native of Indianapolis by way of Los Angeles, Kristin first began writing under the name Ko in the spring of 2012, after the demise of her first group Slothpop. Shortly thereafter she enlisted Todd Heaton to play percussion for the live shows and later recordings. We are very pleased to introduce you to their first recorded material.

Ko’s debut EP contains 4 songs of intricate vocal looping, heartfelt purpose, and plenty of Danelectro wall-of-sound-fuzz to boot. The EP is released on bronze-inside-clear 7″, limited to 350 hand-numbered copies, and white vinyl 7″ (which may or may not be pressed into infinity). Purchase includes instant download of the track “Bitches Online” (which you can stream below).


Half Japanese – first album in 13 years – Out Now! [Announcements]

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Pinch yourself. Overjoyed is finally here! Half Japanese’s first album in 13 years shows aggressiveness as well as their friendly charisma. Produced by John Dieterich of Deerhoof, “Overjoyed” is unapologetic onslaught of positivity. Each of the 12 songs contain a deep purity, exceptionally rare amongst “reunion albums”. In the words of Pitchfork, the band “haven

Stream the new Sleeping Bag album “Deep Sleep” [Announcements]

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Sleeping Bag is now streaming their new album Deep Sleep in it’s entirety via My Old Kentucky Blog. On their third LP, Dave Segedy (the group’s drummer, songwriter and primary vocalist) has taken the band into heavier, more epic territory. The sunny jangling guitars and fun whistle choruses are gone; obliterated in a full on fuzz-guitar assault.  Dave sings, “I want to free the dog that I am.” and he means it.

Listen to the whole album here. 

Also, we have fewer than 100 copies remaining of the sweet Marbled Kelly Green & Aqua Blue vinyl (limited to 500 hand-numbered copies).   


Now Accepting Applications for the Fall 2014 Internship! [Featured]

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Interns Wanted


The three-month session begins Friday, August 22nd, and extends through November 21st. Internship requires a commitment of two four-hour shifts per week at our Indianapolis headquarters. (We apologize out-of-towners, but you actually must be physically present to participate in the internship.) If accepted, here are some of the advantages of interning at JNR:

– first hand experience working in the music industry
— in many cases, you can get college credit
— you get to work one-on-one with with our staff, helping promote some of the best bands in the world
— you get free new releases, shirts, etc.
— in most instances, you’ll be on the guest list for shows by JNR artists
— you get to pad your resume and use us as a reference, while bragging to all your friends that you work for a super cool indie label

If this sounds like the job for you, fill out the application below! However, be aware that this internship is not for everyone. This is an unpaid position, reserved for those who are culturally in line with the label and who are hungry to learn. Applicants must be obsessively passionate about music, and at least somewhat familiar with Joyful Noise artists & releases.

If you have any questions please contact

Thanks!  <3 JNR