Sebadoh Winter Tour 2014 – Recruiting Digital Street Team! [Misc / WTF]

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sebadoh cover photo

Sebadoh’s next US tour kicks off on February 5th. We would love to have your help in spreading the word about the show you’ll be attending. If you’d be able to do some special Facebooking and Tweeting about the show we will happily give you a limited edition screen-printed tour poster designed by LandLand signed to you by the band!  (Preview coming soon)


  1. Join the Facebook page for Sebadoh Digital Street Team. Become a Facebook friend of Joyful Reagan (our label mascot) and follow JoyfulNoiseRecs on Twitter. This is how we will be able to see all your generous sharing to confirm your participation.
  2. Share the brand new video for ‘State of Mine’ that is posted on Sebadoh’s Facebook page and in the street team group.
  3. Follow the directions as they’ll be shared with you in the Facebook group over the coming days and weeks. It will involve:  
  • Finding the event page for your show and joining, inviting, commenting, and sharing.
  • Sharing cool stuff like Lou Barlow’s interview on WTF with Marc Maron.
  • Tweeting about the show you’re going to.

GO THE EXTRA MILE – We’ll be selecting the top five Digital Street Teamers to receive a super special reward! Some suggestions for standing out:

  • Invite all your friends to the event page for your show
  • Use this image as your Facebook cover photo
  • Use a Sebadoh image close to your heart as your profile pic until your show****
  • Create a Sebadoh digital mixtape and share it
  • Retweet Sebadoh’s tweets and tweet about the show
  • whatever else your beautiful and creative mind can come up with!

TO FINISH:  The day of/after your show message Reagan on Facebook. Tell her what show you went to and that you’ve completed all the steps. You’ll then be sent a link to go claim your signed tour poster.

And remember if you are selected as one of our five exemplary street teamers you will receive a super special reward which we’ll be announcing sooner than later!


Happy Holiday Hangovers From Joyful Noise! [Random Tale]

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A terrible pulsing in the brainstem, as if a Ridley-Scott style alien might burst out of the back of our skulls. Bleeding from the eyesockets and other orifices. Violent and–frankly–bizarre digestive disturbances.

What’s wrong with everyone at Joyful Noise today?  Did we contract Ebola?  The Black Plague?

Nope!  These are merely symptoms of excessive Holiday Cheer from our year-end party last night!  Thanks Story Inn, for hosting us in amazing style!  Thanks, Karl’s dad (owner of the Story Inn), for making this high-class celebration feasible for our humble label!

2013 was Joyful Noise’s best year ever.  It was our best year ever because of the amazing artists who put out records with us in the past 12 months.  Due to long-distances & inclement weather, only Jorma was able to join us this time.  But all of you were there in spirit, and in the form of our after-hours playlist.

Thanks most of all to Kiely Holden for organizing everything, for picking out gifts for all the staff, and for generally being the sole, unipolar source of everything heartwarming and humane that happens at Joyful Noise.  Without you Kiely, no doubt, we would have celebrated the holidays by working.


joyful holiday party



clark dallas

Clark Dallas is about to sing an aria.


Uncle Jorma had fun.

brendan and who

Brendan, little do you know that Joyful Noise’s plan B for 2014 is to sub-couch-surf on the couch you will be surfing on in Brooklyn.  Collectively.


Braintwins make all of the thank you notes and illustrations for Joyful Noise.  And so much more stuff we can’t possibly list it all here.

woodruff and sons

David J Woodruff & Sons makes sure that everything comes out looking classy.


MINDCONTROL PR makes sure that the will of the masses is being subjugated to Joyful Noise’s top-secret, sinister agenda of selling weird music to people in obsolete technological formats.


The interns make sure that all the work gets done. Thanks guys!  We couldn’t do it without you!