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    Justin Shimp
    Key Master

    Hi all! This is a thread topic for you to introduce yourself to the VIP community, and let us know what types of content you would like to see on the VIP forum.

    All ideas are welcome. Would you like to participate in one-on-one skype interviews with bands? Would you be interested in choosing the vinyl color for our next release? What crazy ideas do you have for Joyful Noise?

    This forum can be used for all that stuff, so let the ideas flow!



    Hello all.. my name is Brad and i’m an addict.. oh wait.. a music addict =)
    I’ll come back with some more ideas.. I just wanted to say hi



    i’m pj. loving what jn is doing with their awesome releases.

    hey justin.


    David Woodruff
    Key Master

    I wanna see lots of NSFW content.
    In terms of JNR-related stuff, maybe like label logo stickers used as pasties.



    Hi JNVIP’s, I’m chubb, loving the label and spending cash I don’t have on vinyl I don’t need. Getting up at 3 am to queue for RSD 2013, anyone else joining me?


    Justin Shimp
    Key Master

    I am getting up early but not that early! You crazy!



    Shout out to Shawn and Karl. Keep up the good work.

    Peter Akre



    Hey all from Vienna, Austria! I’m Rich and I work too hard to spend too much money with JNR!

    Vinyl addict be thy name.



    Ryan here.
    Michigander now in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill triangle area.
    Digging the label and the VIP program!



    Hi Justin, may have been crazy but it did the trick, the queue by 7am wound round three streets! Got what I wanted and was worth the early morning. The lady first in the queue had camped out from 10.30 the previous night.

    Rsd is a great way to meet the like minded, bigged up JNR, flexi series and kishi bashi to fellow customers on the day.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 16 total)

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