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Joyful Noise 2014 Flexi-Disc Series

  • (12 limited edition flexi-discs, each featuring exclusive, previously unreleased tracks. Only 1000 copies pressed on clear, square flexi-disc.)


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**THESE ARE THE FINAL REMAINING COPIES OF THE OTHERWISE SOLD-OUT 2014 FLEXI-DISC SERIES!** Purchase includes an initial shipment of 10 flexis (January through October), with the November and December flexis shipped to you individually by the 15th of each month at no extra charge.

The Flexi Disc Series is a platform for our favorite artists to release never-before-heard recordings on a fleeting analog format. Artists are encouraged to be as adventurous as possible for the duration of one single-sided flexi disc. The songs contributed by each artist will not be released digitally or on any other format. That is to say, the total existence of the song limited to just 1000 copies, on an increasingly-degrading analog format. These are unique and ephemeral tracks from some of the best bands in the world. 

WTF is a Flexi Disc you ask? Essentially it's a paper-thin vinyl record. And these particular Flexis are clear, single-sided, 7" squares. A pretty unusual format, but playable on any standard turntable.
Big Business
Born Ruffians
Daniel Johnston
DM Stith
Fang Island
Half Japanese
Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s
Marnie Stern
Mount Eerie
Yip Deceiver
Qty Limit: Limit of 3 subscriptions per customer. Don't try to order more and re-sell them on Ebay for $50 or something. We hate that. 
Schedule & Individual Sales: Flexis are not available for individual sale, you must sign up for the entire subscription. Each individual release will be announced the first week of each month. We will not release a schedule ahead of time identifying which month is assigned to which band. It's a surprise bitches. 
Payments & Cancelations: If you sign up for the monthly subscription, $5 plus shipping will be automatically charged to your card every 30 days. You may also pay for the entire series in one payment of $60 +shipping). Monthly subscribers may cancel at anytime. No hard feelings. There will be a waiting list created after the series is sold out, and any canceled subscriptions will be given to the next person in line. If payment doesn't go through at any point throughout the year you will be notified via email and given 72 hours to correct the situation before your account is cancelled. 
Change of Address / Payment Info: Don't sweat it if you are moving soon, or if your card expires in 2014. You will be able to update your address and payment info online anytime.
The unspoken rules of the Flexi roster: We have some guidelines we abide by in order to make the flexi roster interesting to us... (1) In order to be on the flexi series the band must not be a "proper" Joyful Noise artist. This series is all about working with our favorite bands who we don't yet work with. (2) There must be one band from Indiana. Because this is our hometown, and we love it here. (3) There must be one "scary" band for October. 
A Statement About "Unreleased Recordings": Each flexi disc features a never before released recording. Though many of these recordings are exclusively-written piece of music, some may be remixes, alternate versions, or demos of previously released songs. We consider these to be "unreleased" provided the flexi release is significantly different than the original recording. Joyful Noise will never release these flexi recordings digitally or in any other format. They are strictly limited to 1000 copies, exclusively on Flexi Disc. 
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