Joyful Noise Recordings


Sham Duvet


Release Info

Catalog #: JNR10
Release Date: 05/08/2006

Track List

  1. An Example of the Reaction to a World-Wide Decision to Silence the Mentally Ill
  2. The Hours and Days Leading up to the Coming of a Prophet
  3. Noticing Drastic Changes in Individuality and Enlightenment at Such a Young Age
  4. Something to Die For
  5. Untitled
  6. A Complete and Thorough Lashing Out At People And Acquaintances Of Whom One Carries The Burdon For
  7. The Effects Of Anti-Psychotic Medication Forced Upon The Unfortunate Souls Who May or May Not Need Them
  8. The Epiphany


LAFCADIO is a band growing out of metal's deep-rooted traditions of darkness, noise, and riffage, but they're always somewhere on the outer edge of ritual and convention. The Indianapolis based 4 piece add new options to the prog/math sound. Their wide array of influences (from King Crimson to Mike Patton; Melvins to Don Caballero) fuse and recombine into a new-synthesis---like some kind of psycho-symphonic experimental cockrock-core.

With their debut album, Sham Duvet, the group has embedded narrative toys with the troublesome dichotomy between religious epiphany and schizophrenic dementia. The epic protagonist, 'Sham Duvet', is a neurotic/ prophetic figure with a messiah complex. Is Sham really a psychopath? Are his messianic ambitions ultimately hallucinations? Of course they are. This isn't the ethereal lute-song of Handel's Messiah symphony. This is fucking metal.
LAFCADIO delivers their songs with a brutal elegance, but they don't shy away from manic absurdity and the clownish aspect of doom. Sham Duvet is speckled with the humorous and the absurd; giving this prog-math-metal group a sense of authenticity. The music is conceptual but not contrived.
This album has a big concept; but the main point is: it rocks. Don't let the framework fool you---the point is to bang your head, not think with it.