Joyful Noise Recordings


Today It's You

  • (black vinyl, first pressing of 300 copies)


Release Info

Catalog #: JNR82
Release Date: 09/12/2011

Track List

  1. Main Titles
  2. A Prayer For Elane
  3. (Heavy Breathing) On The Telephone
  4. Pretty Girl (Pity)
  5. Shatter The Lovely
  6. Laugh Giraffe
  7. Giver Colander
  8. The Lovers
  9. Blooms
  10. Darling, The Streets Are For Keeps
  11. Equator Studio Text
  12. Speakers
  13. (Put) The Baby (In The Bassinette)
  14. Forever We Ignite
  15. Peace In The Valley  [MP3]
  16. Today It's You
  17. Rain coats In Sea
  18. Titty Clud
  19. Leiber Marmoset
  20. Terrin Mine


Originally released in 1999 on Secretly Canadian, this is the first ever LP pressing of Marmoset's classic debut album. At times disturbing and uncomfortable, Marmoset present their tales of street walking, dope seeking and titty clubs in precise and pop-formatted doses. 

Marmoset's delightful pop sensibility is undercut by a dark underbelly that keeps the songs hanging in a complex zone of romance and reality, sharing more a vibe stylistically similar to Felt, Syd Barrett and early Roxy Music, while mixing the over-the top pomp production of SOME GIRLS-era Rolling Stones with feet planted firmly in the ALIEN LANES living room. Undoubtedly, with "Today It's You", Marmoset finds itself on the cusp of a very dirty sleeve.