Joyful Noise Recordings

Rob Crow


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Release Info

Catalog #: JNR125.2
Release Date: 02/15/2013

Track List

  1. Per-Flexed


We are pleased to announce that the February installment of our 2013 Flexi Disc Series features an exclusive track from non-other than Rob Crow

Not only is Rob Crow a crafter of amazing solo work (his two solo releases for Temporary Residence are must-owns), but he is also the man behind Pinback, Goblin Cock, The Ladies, etc.  The fexi contribution, entitled "Per-Flexed", is Rob Crow at his finest: expertly riding the line between the complex and the catchy.  This exclusive track is chock full of signature mathyness on par with the very best of Rob Crow's extensive catalog. 

"Per-Flexed" is limited to just 1000 copies, and was only available as part of our 2013 Flexi-Disc Series. Though it's sold out, you can sign up for our waiting list here!