Natural Dreamers

Sir G b/w Just No Probs

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  • Sir G b/w Just No Probs
  • Sir G b/w Just No Probs

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Natural Dreamers is a project featuring Chris Cohen (ex-Deerhoof, Cryptacize, The Curtains, etc.), John Dieterich (Deerhoof, SWAPS, Gorge Trio, etc.) and Jay Pellicci (Dilute, 31 Knots, etc.).

The new 7", Sir G b/w Just No Probs, is limited to a one-time pressing of just 259 hand-numbered copies on black 7" vinyl with 80s-hardcore-homage artwork. Though the artwork emulates the classic Dischord-style 7", don't expect Natural Dreamers to sound like Minor Threat. The next-level experimentalism contained on this 7" is everything you would expect from 3 of the most accomplished and innovative musicians around.