Date added: 04/04/2012 Announcing: CJ Boyd "West Coasting Vol. 1 - Dreams Like This Must Die (Seattle circa 91)"

Joyful Noise is very pleased to announce the new album from CJ Boyd! If you are the type of person who pays attention to the seedy underbelly of experimental music you have undoubtedly encountered CJ Boyd at some point. The nomadic solo bass performer has been creating his bass-layered ethereal soundscapes for over a decade, and has continuously toured via vegetable oil propelled ambulance for over 4 consecutive years.

We last heard from CJ Boyd on 2009's stellar Aerial Roots. Well, 647 shows later he is back with the wildly ambitious West Coasting Vol. 1 - Dreams Like This Must Die (Seattle circa 91).

'West Coasting' is CJ Boyd's attempt at a grunge era "covers album", re-worked and scrambled into two 20-minute atmospheric movements. An homage to the influential music of his adolescence (as evidenced by the front cover high school photo of CJ wearing a Pearl Jam shirt), CJ Boyd has created a meditative, atmospheric rendering of '91-era Seattle. Songs slowly build from singular, meditative bass lines into explosive, layered, and hugely complex walls of sound - only to realize "wait, is that "temple of the dog?!?!".

"West Coasting Vol. 1 - Dreams Like This Must Die (Seattle circa 91)" is released April 24 on White Vinyl and Cassette and is currently available for pre-order w/ INSTANT DOWNLOAD!


Download an excerpt of the 20-minute song Something Indifferent Would for free!
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