Date added: 04/24/2013 Announcing... Debut Solo Album from the legendary David Yow

We are pumped as hell to announce the first ever solo album from David Yow! Best known as the frontman/singer of The Jesus Lizard, Tonight You Look Like A Spider marks David Yow's introduction into "solo album" territory. Terrifying, noisy, solo album territory... VICE describes the effect as "a doom-filled atmosphere and hair-rising percussion that kicks your brain down some stairs into a smelly dungeon". Yep, that's pretty accurate...

Officially released on June 25, the album is available in three physical versions:

The Deluxe "Monolith" Vinyl Edition
Limited to 50 copies, hand-crafted by David Yow himself... Artwork includes an actual cement vinyl-displaying-sculpture (picture below), created from the same mold pictured on the front cover. Each copy is hand-made (by David Yow), hand-numbered (by David Yow), signed (by David Yow), and shipped directly to purchasers from David fucking Yow. The vinyl features grey/black vinyl (combined using the "A Side/B Side" method) w/ gold & white splatter. Vinyl is shipped separately for safety, with standard LP jacket artwork also included. Purchase includes an advanced download of the entire album.

Limited Edition Vinyl
Limited to 450 hand-numbered copies, on grey/black vinyl ("A Side/B Side" method) w/ white splatter.

Non-Limited Vinyl
Black vinyl. Nothing special here. Just an awesome record.


Read David Yow's journal entry on our website, entitled "How My Solo Album Happened"
Download the first "single": Thee Itch
Here are some photos of the limited vinyl editions: