Date added: 05/24/2013 Announcing: Joan of Arc "Testimonium Songs"

Joan of Arc has just announced a new album! Testimonium Songs collects the song cycle composed by Joan of Arc (Tim Kinsella, Bobby Burg, and Theo Katsaounis) to be performed live in Testimonium, a work of performance by well-respected experimental theater ensemble Every House Has a Door.

Testimonium responds -- both in substance and in style --to Charles Reznikoff's monumental work Testimony, a translation into poetry of courtroom transcripts of witness and victim testimonies in criminal cases and cases of workplace negligence, in the US, spanning the years 1885 to 1915. Performances of Testimonium incorporate modern dance, theater, and original songs written and played by Joan of Arc.

Our friends at Polyvinyl are releasing the album on CD / LP, and we are releasing the cassette! The cassette version is limited to just 100 hand-numbered copies on purple tint cassettes.  $8 purchase includes an MP3 download.