Date added: 06/19/2014 Announcing: 'Record Label' - New JNR imprint, curated by Bobby Burg

Today we are excited to announce the launch of a new JNR imprint: 'Record Label'. Curated by Bobby Burg (Joan of Arc, Make Believe, Love of Everything), 'Record Label' was actually created back in 1999 as a way to release Bobby's then-new project Love of Everything. In the mid-2000's the label grew to include releases by friends Chin Up Chin Up, Joan of Arc and others. 'Record Label's status as a "legit record label" culminated with a distribution deal through Touch & Go / Flameshovel. Unfortunately for us all, Touch & Go went out of business about a week later, at which point Bobby decided to put the label on indefinite hiatus.

Now in partnership with Joyful Noise, Bobby is reviving 'Record Label' and reimagining the label as a creative force in the post-apocalyptic musical landscape. We're making the back-catalog available for digital "pay what you want", and we have some really interesting specialty releases are coming your way... beginning with this one:

"42 Repeatable Examples"

Limited to just 400 hand-numbered copies, Bobby Burg's first ever solo album comes in the form of a 24-page photo-zine! 42 Repeatable Examples is an interactive digital album. Play the album in sequence and you'll hear 22 minutes of self-described "music to zone out to". But the album is intended to expanded with the creative input of the listener. The album is constructed so that the ending of each track feeds directly into the beginning of that track. Did you get that? Each of the 42 tracks were designed to seamlessly repeat forever. Like their own little meditative universes. This gives the listener the ability to create their own versions of the album, and makes it possible to never play this album the same way twice.

If this sounds a little confusing, that's because it is. But to give you an idea, check out this example of tracks



Stream the album here: