Date added: 10/02/2013 ANNOUNCING... DMA "Pheel Phree"

We are very excited to announce the debut full-length from DMA! Formerly the man behind Jookabox, DMA (aka David Moose Adamson) began his career as a one-man-band in the grand old tradition of the 'one-man-band' (re: man with a bass-drum on his back and a monkey clapping symbols, collecting change from the crowd etc.). With "Pheel Phree" Adamson has returned somewhat to his roots. Except this time, the result sounds like a slow-jiving basement dance party.

DMA's debut full-length "Pheel Phree" provides a uniquely beat-driven, meditative clamor. James-Ferraro-sensibilities are coupled with the artistically-free-approach of Captain-Beefheart, resulting in 33 minutes of a rather other-worldly tunes. "Pheel Phree" effectively introduces the world to the weird wonder that is David Moose Adamson.

Pheel Phree is released on October 29, and is currently available for pre-order. All orders come with an instant MP3 Download of the entire album.

Limited Edition "Phreedom Red" Vinyl
Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies, "Phreedom Red" vinyl is what we call red vinyl inside semi-translucent orange vinyl, with magenta splatter. The unique vinyl color is created by using both "color-in-color" and splatter vinyl pressing methods. **We have less than 250 copies on hand so make sure you snag it quick!**



Here are some more photos of this beast: