Date added: 08/02/2011 Announcing... SWAPS! (featuring 50% of Deerhoof, members of Secret Chiefs 3, XBXRX, Gorge Trio, Colossamite, etc. etc.)

Joyful Noise Recordings is very pleased to announce the release of SWAPS! Spouting an unstable breed of homemade experimentalism, SWAPS features Ed Rodriguez and John Dieterich of Deerhoof, Ches Smith of Secret Chiefs 3, and Steve Touchton of XBXRX.

Limited to just 438 hand-numbered 10" records on mint green vinyl, SWAPS is a dark, asymmetrical fever-dream of vibraphones and feedback. The album surges and spins in every direction, while remaining hypnotically engaging throughout.

The s/t SWAPS endeavor consists of two pieces of music: "Pair-Bonds", the through composed A-Side of the record, and "Aether Defects", the B-Side culled from a particularly ferocious improvised session in Oakland. The erratic rhythms, tonality and structure of these pieces will please fans of far left-field experiments and truly adventurous works of art.

SWAPS will be released September 13, 2011 on Joyful Noise, and can be pre-ordered below.


Download a sample of the song "Pair Bonds" for free HERE