The Fall Out Boy / Son Lux story (or: how to learn to stop worrying and fund the rock)

Written By Karl Hofstetter - November 18 2015


Gavin Murcoch
October 25 2016

Sometimes, I wish I was born in the eighteenth century where people had standards. In all reality, your opinion means nothing to anyone, so you would’ve been better off not trying to bash someone else’s work my good friend.

Simon Schuster
September 22 2016

Wow dude, you can choose to not like an artist or their music, but you come across as nothing more than a pretentious dick.

It sounds like FOB also think Son Lux is a great artist and were inspired by his track to create something new. Isn’t that the whole point of artistry? To be so moved as to create something that didn’t exist before?

Kate Simms
September 22 2016

Truth be told, it sounds like your biggest problem with all of this is that you made it far more personal than it ever actually was. They’re both great songs, and I’m sure that despite your clear disgust Fall Out Boy didn’t choose to sample Son Lux and title their new song Fourth of July just to spite you and the small role you played in Lost It to Trying’s creation. Your presentation of the circumstances surrounding Fall Out Boy’s sampling reads as a high-stakes hissy fit that ended up accomplishing very little in the long run.

Ally White
August 20 2016

Extremely rude. Both songs (yes, even the Fall Out Boy one) are completely amazing. They both bring something unique and special to the table and they both can connect with an audience. By being this rude, you’re ensuring that nobody else in the industry will want to work with you.

John Hurt
July 21 2016

You’re basically complaining about the music industry and still letting them do what they what because you want money.

Nice principles, dude.

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