David Yow

Tonight You Look Like A Spider [Monolith Edition]

$ 150.00  


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    The twisted debut album from the legendary David Yow.  Best known as the frontman/singer of The Jesus Lizard, "Tonight You Look Like A Spider" marks David Yow's introduction into "solo album" territory. Terrifying, noisy, solo album territory.

    In addition to more standard formats, "Tonight You Look Like A Spider" was released in this deluxe "Monolith" Vinyl Edition, limited to 50 copies, hand-crafted by David Yow himself... Artwork for this edition featured an actual cement vinyl-displaying-sculpture, created from the same mold pictured on the front cover. Each copy was hand-made (by David Yow), hand-numbered (by David Yow), signed (by David Yow), and shipped directly to purchasers directly from David fucking Yow. The vinyl features grey/black vinyl (combined using the "A Side/B Side" method).


    Purchase "Tonight You Look Like A Spider" on other more traditional formats HERE.


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