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Helvetia came together in Seattle 2005, five years after Jason Albertini and Dove moved there from San Jose. Once in Seattle, Jason Albertini kept recording on a cassette 4-track until Pete Ritchey decided to release these as the first Helvetia Record The Clever North Wind. Dove was there recording what could have been another Duster record and those recordings inspired much of the first Helvetia release. The band toured a couple times with Built To Spill in 2006-2007 with a group of friends, including Dove on drums, and returned to Seattle to record The Acrobats at Jim Roth’s (BTS) studio in Seattle.

After 3 years of touring with Built To Spill and recording Untethered Moon (Warner Brothers 2015) Jason has found the time to record this new Helvetia record Dromomania in a revitalized creative state and has been playing as many shows as possible with Helvetia.

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