Jason Loewenstein

Machinery b/w Infidel

Catalog #: JNR213-7    Release Date: 3/10/2017

$ 10.00  

  • Machinery
  • Machinery
  • Jason Loewenstein


Track Listing
  1. Machinery
  2. Infidel



    It's true. Jason Loewenstein has signed with JNR! Best known as the co-songwriter of Sebadoh, we are very happy to confirm that 2017 will see the first Jason Loewenstein album since his 2001 classic debut "At Sixes And Sevens" (Sub Pop).

    To celebrate, we are releasing a "sneak peek" limited edition 7", featuring the new song "Machinery" and the exclusive B-Side "Infidel". The 7" is limited to 500 copies on red vinyl, includes an instant download, and is available now (while they last). 

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