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$ 350.00  

This 'Early Bird' package is limited to 250 and includes VIP Membership for all of 2019, 7" Singles Series, 12" White Label Series (optional), Exclusive Secret Sampler etched 12", Holiday Picture-Flexi, Wooden Screen-Printed 7" Box Set, VIP T-Shirt, and JNR 45 Adapter.
  • EARLY BIRD 2019
  • EARLY BIRD 2019
  • Optional WLS Box


monthly vinyl subscriptions

7" Singles Series

Every month you'll receive a limited edition 7" record uniquely packaged with screen-printed jackets, each limited to just 500 copies, and exclusively available to VIPs. Each monthly 7" belongs to one of four distinct conceptual themes: 

JNR Rarities (new this year!)
We are rolling out this new series as part of our VIP 7" Subscription in 2019. JNR Rarities will feature four different artists on each 7", shining a light on our favorite unheard gems from our artists' histories. These mini-compilations will be curated three times per year, each featuring different artists from the JNR roster. Vol. 1 is Yoni & Geti, Kishi Bashi, Deerhoof, and Son Lux

Cause & Effect:
Cause & Effect split 7"s pair amazing artists with the artists who fundamentally influenced their artistic vision. The "influencer" is on Side A, and the "influencee" is on Side B... Cause and Effect. This series has joined together bands like Deerhoof & Dale Crover, Devendra Banhart & Joan of Arc, Yo La Tengo & Oneida, and many more.

Almost Live:
Periodically we ask some of the best bands in the world to perform at our Indianapolis headquarters. This record series documents those performances on white 7" vinyl w/ unique screen-printed art directly on side B. Past artists in this series include Melvins, Tortoise, of Montreal, Pinback, The Mountain Goats, Lee Ranaldo, Owls, Built to Spill, and others. 

Mystery Singles:
A sneak peek at some of our most highly anticipated releases. We can neither confirm nor deny that Mystery Singles have provided the first taste of new music from artists like Dale Crover, Swamp Dogg, Danielson, Dumb Numbers, Richard Edwards, and others. Pressed on unlabeled clear 7" vinyl w/ unique screen-printed art directly on side B.

12" White Label Series

Our White Label Series enters its third year in 2019. It's been really amazing to roll out this White Label idea this year and bring some attention to deserving underappreciated artists. 

Limited to just 500 copies, this series features the best unknown bands in the world, as identified by some notable folks. This artist curated series features albums hand-picked by twelve different curators. 2018 curators included Aesop Rock, Alex Somers (Sigur Ros), Blanck Mass, Dale Nixon, Kid Millions, Meredith Graves, Mike Watt, Ryan Olson, Satomi Matsuzaki (Deerhoof), Serengeti, Teri Gender Bender, and tUnE-yArDs. 2019 curators will be just as badass. 

"Early bird" Exclusive Perks 

Secret Sampler 12"

Limited to 250 hand-numbered copies, on clear etched vinyl. Exclusively available to "Early Bird" VIP Members. Features new tracks from unannounced, upcoming JNR releases. Each track on Side A is "parallel grooved" (put the needle down on the first thread and you'll hear one song, put the needle on the second thread and you'll hear a completely different song, and so on). Side B features custom etching and a secret message.


Exclusively available to "early bird" VIPs, limited to 250 hand-numbered copies. These wooden, screen-printed, box sets are custom-built to house all VIP 7" singles from 2019.

JNR branded 45 adaptEr

Now you'll have a JNR-thing to stick in those large hole 7"s...

Holiday Themed picture-flexi

Two JNR artists sharing holiday cheer on a Picture-Disc Flexi. Limited to 250 copies, exclusive to Early Bird VIPs.

VIP Exclusive T-Shirt

A new JNR T-shirt, designed by our own David Woodruff, and available only to Early Bird VIPs.

VIP Singles Series

Sign up for the VIP Singles Subscription and each month you'll receive a limited edition 7" record uniquely packaged with screen-printed jackets, each limited to just 500 copies, and exclusively available to VIPs. Each monthly 7" belongs to one of four distinct conceptual themes: JNR Rarities, Cause & Effect, Almost Live, and Mystery Singles.



You'll have access to limited, hand-numbered vinyl editions of our releases. VIP editions are the most limited versions of our releases, pressed on specialty colored vinyl, often packed with bonus material, and only available to VIP Members.


As a VIP you'll have access to special website content hidden from the public. This includes our ongoing Private Stash (featuring a rotating selection of otherwise-sold-out releases and Test Pressings), and access to digital secrets and advanced streams.

10% off on all purchases

As a VIP you will receive a 10% discount on everything, site-wide. This goes for super limited releases, box set, etc. Just enter the discount code "VIP" at checkout, and if you are in fact a VIP Member, you'll magically receive 10% off. 


As a VIP you will receive advanced notifications of all new releases. We will email you (or text you if you prefer) 12-24 hours before any release is announced to the world. This advanced notice gives you first dibs on limited releases that often sell out quickly. In addition, VIPs are able to stream the entire album before the world even knows it exists.


As a VIP you will receive free downloads of every new release in MP3 and WAV formats on the free downloads page. The only exception will be music that is not released digitally (our Flexi-Disc series, for instance). But if the digital version exists, it's yours. Free of charge.

Free Tickets to Shows in Your Area

Every time one of our bands tours, we offer a handful of tickets to our loyal VIP Members. Tickets are offered based on seniority - the longer you're a member, the more likely you are to get the free tickets.

Good Karma

By becoming a VIP you’ll be supporting our humble, independently run label; empowering us to continue to bring amazing music into the world. VIP funds go to pay for fundamental operating costs so the artists ultimately don't have to chip in for things like utilities, rent, packaging materials, etc. This gives us the freedom to treat our artists fairly, and release meaningful music with less of an eye on financial viability. Your VIP Membership allows us to focus on quality of art over commerce, and we thank you!


This is the ultra-limited, wild and crazy shit that no one's even thought up yet. They will be small-run super creative release that we'll be cooking up with our pals at PEOPLE IN A POSITION TO KNOW. Ever heard of a six-sided record? Yeah, that's what we're talking about!


VIPs receive cheap, flat-rate shipping on all orders to North America, United Kingdom, or Europe! Price for an LP currently averages $4.50 for US and $14 for UK/EU. 

NOTICE: by signing up for VIP Membership you are accepting our Terms & Conditions, in which you agree to refrain from any dickish behavior like reselling limited releases at exorbitant prices. DO NOT sign up if your intention is to flip records.
Also, this is the one package where your 10% vip discount is not allowed to be used. We have worked to make this as cheap as possible as-is, and we assure you, no one is getting rich off of this.  
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