Almost Live

Pinback "Clemenceau"

Catalog #: JNR208-9    Release Date: 06/15/2017

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  • Singles - Pinback "Clemenceau"
  • Singles - Pinback "Clemenceau"


The original plan was just to meet Pinback for lunch. You see, we were in the process of planning a big project with Rob Crow when Pinback happened to be traveling through Indianapolis on their way from Chicago to Cincinnati. I had invited Rob to come by for a mid-drive lunch at Kuma's Corner so we could talk some shop on his upcoming Artist In Residence box set, but about an hour before they arrived it occurred to me, why aren't Pinback doing an Almost Live while they're here? Rob's answer via text message read, "I can give u a big 'probably'". So we really weren't sure until the moment Pinback arrived at our office if they were going to do a session, or opt for "metal burgers" instead.
In the end Rob and Zach decided to do the session, recording a stripped down version of "Clemenceau". The band occasionally performs this rarity as their live opener, but the song has only ever been released on their little-heard album Nautical Antiques: A Selection Of Rarities from 1998-2001. After a couple false starts, the guys nailed it on the first full take. No overdubs, just straight live. We didn't have time to get a camera crew, so the video was all shot solely on our staff's smartphones.
By the time it was all done, there was unfortunately no time for lunch and the band hit the road. But hey - skipping a meal seems like a worthwhile sacrifice to document this beautiful song.
– Karl Hofstetter Curator, Joyful Noise Recordings
  • Music by Pinback
  • Recorded live at Joyful Noise Recordings / October 2017 / by Postal Recordings: Tyler Watkins and Alex Kercheval
  • Original version on album Nautical Antiques: A Selection Of Rarities from 1998-2001
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