Almost Live

Redd Kross "Notes And Chords Mean Nothing To Me"

Catalog #: JNR208-9    Release Date: 06/15/2017

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  • Singles - Redd Kross "Notes And Chords Mean Nothing To Me"
  • Singles - Redd Kross "Notes And Chords Mean Nothing To Me"


Typically we aim to record our Almost Live sessions with bands and artists that are already in Indianapolis to play a show. The dates for Redd Kross’ spring tour did not offer this luxury, but the band would be playing back-to-back shows in Chicago and Louisville…maybe they could stop in Indiana on their drive from Illinois to Kentucky? With fingers crossed, I approached the band directly, and (somewhat amazingly) they were totally down; down to drive for an hour or so immediately following their show in Chicago to stay closer to Indy; down to get up early and finish the drive before unloading all of their gear, setting up in our headquarters, and recording one song; and down to load their gear back in the van, hit the road to Louisville, and play a show at Zanzabar that evening. This is a tall order for any band, no matter how experienced or prepared. But these dudes (all legends in their own right) made it look so easy. Brothers Jeff & Steven McDonald, the core members of Redd Kross, have been making music together for nearly 35 years. Joined by Jason Shapiro on guitar and The Melvins’ Dale Crover on drums, the group spent about 90 minutes recording “Notes and Chords Mean Nothing to Me,” which first appeared on the band’s 1982 debut full-length Born Innocent. The full band played through the song three or four times. Then the Brothers McDonald laid a few extra vocal layers before inviting Dale & Jason back for a rousing round of “Everybody Eat Shit!” And they were in excellent spirits the entire time! Professional when recording, light-hearted and laughing in between. As they prepared to leave we all stood in the sunshine next to their van, exchanging handshakes and hugs and well wishes before they piled in and drove off. What an easy, breezy afternoon.
– Jessica Clark
Label Director
Joyful Noise Recordings
  • Music and Lyrics: Jeffrey McDonald and Steven McDonald (Bad Papaya music BMI, Zelda Rocks Music BMI)

  • Musicians: Jeffrey McDonald; Steven McDonald; Jason Shapiro; & Dale Crover
  • Recorded live at Joyful Noise Recordings / May 2017 / by Postal Recordings: Tyler Watkins and Alex Kercheval
  • Original version appears on Born Innocent, released in 1982 by Smoke Seven Records
  • Thanks: Jessica Clark
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