Date added: 02/21/2011 Danielson "Best of Gloucester County" is out now!

Best of Gloucester County is Danielson's first album in five years - and the followup to their widely acclaimed album "Ships" (Pitchfork gave that one a 9.1). Featuring the banjo/vocal work of Sufjan Stevens, and a cameo from Jens Lekman, "Best of Gloucester County" displays Danielson's trademark bizarre, squeaky art-folk and theatrical spiritualism in it's most mature and refined state. Read more about the album here.

The amazing Sounds Familyre Records has the LP & CD - and we have the tape!

The cassette version of the album...

  • is limited to just 300 hand-numbered copies
  • is pressed on high-quality white cassettes with chrome tape
  • comes with an INSTANT high-quality MP3 download.