Date added: 06/27/2011 DMA "Drem Beb" Out Today!

Coming quickly on the heals of the April 2011 break-up and final album from Jookabox, principle songwriter and artistic visionary David "Moose" Adamson unveiled his new "mom dance" project: DMA

DMA is David "Moose" Adamson. Pure and simple. With DMA, Moose is now free to get as weird, creepy, and sweet as he pleases, in a lone wolf kind of way. Somewhat of a return to form, DMA explores the more meditative and fucked-up side of the Jookabox sound.

Today DMA's first release hits the public. Drem Beb is limited to just 200, hand-numbered copies, pressed on a black-tint cassettes and comes with MP3 & FLAC. You can also download the whole album for a measly $6.


Download the new single "Riding Holiday" for free HERE