Date added: 09/25/2012 Joan of Arc announces self-titled limited edition LP, solo living room tour, and video premier via VICE.

Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc have just announced the release of the new self-titled album on limited edition vinyl! The third part in JOA's 2012 "subscription" is released on November 27th via Joyful Noise. Largely comprised of acoustic guitar and a solo voice, s/t (also known as "Joan of Arc" and "Charlie Chaplin and The Elephant Man") shows the band grappling with simplicity and minimalism - pressing for complexity and compelling expressiveness in the simplest of familiar forms.

The album is limited to just 500 hand-numbered copies, with the first 190 copies pressed on white vinyl.




NOISEY has just premiered the first video from the s/t album, titled "King Song", showcasing Elvis moves from the current JOA lineup. Check it out:


In conjunction with the release, band figurehead Tim Kinsella will be embarking on a solo "living room tour" on November 1 in which he will be performing for tiny living room audiences in 10 US cities. Seating for the living room tour is extremely limited, and tickets are available HERE.

Nov 1 - Westland, MI
Nov 2 - Akron, OH
Nov 3 - Rochester, NY
Nov 4 - Boston, MA
Nov 5 - Brooklyn, NY
Nov 7 - Asbury, NJ
Nov 8 - Philadelphia, PA
Nov 9 - Baltimore, MD
Nov 10 - Pittsburgh, PA
Nov 11 - Indianapolis, IN