Date added: 06/20/2012 Joan of Arc Presents: Pine Cone

Chicago's infamous Joan of Arc have announced the second of three (mostly) instrumental albums to be released in 2012. Released August 7th via Landland, Pine Cone continues in the experimental tradition of JOA's sold out Joan of Arc Presents: Joan of Arc LP. The limited edition LP contains two 20-minute, ever-evolving musical movements constructed over an intense two week period by Tim Kinsella. Following Eno’s definition of Ambient Music, Pine Cone promises the listener a more- or less-deep listening experience according to his or her own desire to engage or simply let it create atmosphere.

According to Tim Kinsella, "Pine Cone is a record for candle lit baths, bright and breezy afternoons with a fine Brie, or any other time you most prefer to be stoned and alone."

Release on vinyl & digital only, Pine Cone is limited to 500 hand-numbered copies, beautifully hand-packaged by the folks at Landland in 6-color screen-printed sleeves.  ORDER HERE:


***NOTE: if you were lucky enough to sign up for the "JOA Subscription" earlier this year "Pine Cone" will be automatically sent to you by the release date. No additional purchase necessary!***