A Short List of Thank Yous [Misc / WTF]

By (Staff Post)

2013 has been, by far, Joyful Noise’s best year ever. There is no way that we can thank all of the people who have helped out JNR this year, but we want to shout out to at least just a few. This is a numbered list but that doesn’t mean it’s in order. We think it would be kind of impossible to rank the contributions of all of these folks.

To our artists first and foremost: you are the reason we exist.

1. Interns

There is no way we could do this without you.

2. Jeb Banner & SmallBox-
SmallBox incubated JNR while we were growing into a solvent business, and they have been key supporters during critical periods throughout our existence. It would be not be a stretch to say that Joyful Noise would not exist in anything like it’s present form without the support of SmallBox.

3. Nathan Walker & Riot Act Media-
Thank you, Nathan Walker, for being a badass, and making sure the music press knows that our bands exist & have been releasing a lot of music lately.
4. Shil Patel & Team Clermont

Ditto what we said about Nate, but replace “the music press” with “the radio.”

5. Justin Shimp & Jessica Dunn at Braintwins

Thank you for offering up the best of your amazing & bizarre illustrative talents to Joyful Noise’s website & swag this year. Also for helping us open a record store! And a million other things.

6. Michael Kaufman, John Beeler & Astmatic Kitty

Michael Kaufman has been a mentor to us from day one. John Beeler & the current business team behind Asthmatic Kitty have been invaluable partners.

7. Polyvinyl

Without Asthmatic Kitty & Polyvinyl, Joyful Noise would never have gotten a foothold. Thanks for working with us throughout the years and showing that collaborating rather than competing is probably a good idea in the world of independent music.

8. Secretly Canadian Distribution

Thank you for your long-suffering support. It feels like centuries but we just started working together this year!

9. Pirates Press

Thank you for enduring the pain of making everything perfect.


Thank you for being the one’s whose official job it is to worry about complicated internet shit.


Thank you for being the one’s whose official job it is to worry about the other half of the complicated internet shit that MINDCONTROL isn’t already worried about.