AKAI MPC 2000/The History of Sampling [Featured]

By (Artist Post)

(interview & editing by Thomas Kennedy)


Questions asked in the course of this interview:

Please explicate the psychosocial significance, economic impact, and historical resonance of the of the AKAI MPC 2000.  Just kidding.  But seriously though can you just talk a little bit about the AKAI?

How do you relate or not relate to the whole plunderphonic philosophy?  (That the sampler is a legitimate instrument, not just a way to steal other people’s sounds, and that music should belong to the commons once it’s been recorded and distributed)

Did the CIA, in cooperation with the FBI & COINTELPRO, intentionally manufacture the crack epidemic by selling crack to young black men in the Watts neighborhood of LA in order to fund their illegitimate support of counter-insurgent paramilitary forces in Nicaragua?  Yes or no?