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Summer Internship Openings [Misc / WTF]

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If you would like to come help us spread great music and promote rad artists go here and fill out an application.

It is an unpaid internship (that is if you don’t count spectacular records and life-long memories as payment). Only eight hours per week. We ask for a ten week commitment from the first week of June to the first week of August.

Come hang out, help us pack up records, promote bands online, run shows and pal around!
Here’s the application. Can’t wait to hear from you soon!

JNR Intern FAQ:

“Will I get paid?”

Not in American dollars, but in a myriad of other wonderful ways that include but are not limited to: beer, condoms, rad concerts, mingling with rock stars, uplifting comradery, work experience, and free records!

“What’s my schedule look like?”

How much are you willing to work? Eight hours a week broke up into two four-hour days will get the title of official JNR intern.

“Will you put out my band’s record?”

Sorry, we don’t mix business and pleasure ;)

“Will I learn how to survive in the wasteland that is the modern day music industry?”

Damn skippy! That is, if you’re paying attention.

“Will this internship make my Mom and Dad swell with pride?”

You’ll be their new favorite child. Guaranteed.

“Can I use my status at JNR to help further my romantic conquest?”

You betcha’ you little Casanova you! Don’t forget to use those free condoms…



Vaadat Charigim LP Release Party at Joyful Noise Last Night! [Misc / WTF]

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Last night Vaadat Charigim held their “The World Is Well Lost” LP release party at the Joyful Noise studio and invited their Warm Ratio label-mates Sapphic and Joyful Noise’s very own, Sleeping Bag, to join in on the debauchery.

Sapphic, a post-punk duo hailing from Grand Rapids, MI, opened the show out. Their drone like vocals combined with the Upland pints being poured really helped to warm everyone up and set the mood for the evening. Next up was Bloomington Indiana’s Sleeping Bag. Dave Segedy and his boys brought a great show, playing quite a few tunes off their power-pop sophomore release “Women of Your Life”. All of their catchy instrumentals and melodic vocals got everyone’s body moving in time and by the end of the set the packed studio was revving to go for Vaadat Charigim. When the Israeli trio took the stage they immediately set in delivering some dazzling shoegaze sound enveloping everyone in the room in a wall of fuzz. Juval Haring’s rich Hebraic vocals droning in time with the bending icy guitar riffs gave impressions of some 90’s-esque My Bloody Valentine. They continued to power through their set, taking only small breaks in between, speaking in Hebrew to one another about the next song up on the list with their drummer kindly translating to the crowd each time. By the end of the night and the last song everyone was swaying along to their washed-out cavernous sounds, and despite the language barriers, the intrinsic articulation of rock was understood and felt by all in the room. The guys were nice enough to hang out after the show and sign and sell the new album release to all the lucky boys and girls who got to partake in the rocking evening and yet another successful show went down in the Joyful Noise books.

Keep you’re eye out and your ears open for our next show coming up on April 4th. Its another free First Friday fair with a killer line up of Black Rider, Pravada and Jad Fair. I can’t wait to see all you music lovin’ booty shakin’ babes there!