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Artist Photo Gallery: Reptar Live in Indianapolis 4.8.15 [Artist Spotlight]

Graham Ulicny performing with Reptar at The HI-Fi in Indianapolis Photo: Roberto Campos

Graham Ulicny performing with Reptar at The HI-Fi in Indianapolis Photo: Roberto Campos

Reptar has recently released they’re new record, Lurid Glowwhich is excellent. Reptar is known for its live show which are: electric, dynamic and makes the audience dance. Reptar’s show in Indianapolis was a homecoming of sorts since Joyful Noise’s headquarters is in Indianapolis, so of course for such an occasion, this show would have an underlying sense of sentimentality to it.

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SXSW 2015: Joyful Noise Brings Its Roster to South By Southwest [Artist Spotlight]


Jad Fair’s broken guitar laying on the stage at the Joyful Noise 2015 SXSW Showcase (Photo: Roberto Campos)

I couldn’t help but be shocked as Jad Fair began to break his guitar in the middle of his performance, snapping it at the base of the neck in a similar way that you would snap a stick over your knee. I was attending the Joyful Noise 2015 SXSW Showcase to take photos, and as I missed taking a photo of this candid moment, I felt my jaw drop, camera at my waist, and began to look around, questioning if this destruction supposed to happen or if Jad was actually down a guitar. I was in awe, and kind of kicking myself for not taking a photo of a moment that was truly worth 1,000 words.

The Joyful Noise 2015 SXSW Showcase was unique in a couple of ways: it was the first SXSW showcase for Joyful Noise Recordings, and a majority of the line-up are on the Joyful Noise release schedule for spring. Yonatan Gat, Reptar, Surfer Blood and Stranger Cat, the showcase brought fresh music to the ears of SXSWers as well as staples of the label like Jad Fair and Sedcairn Archives (formally DMA).

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Announcing Joyful Noise Showcase at SXSW 2015 [Announcements]

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That’s right we are having a party at SXSW and yall are invited! These are some of our favorite bands and to have them all together for one night of rocking goodness is a dream come true!

March 19th – 8pm – +21 – at The 405, 405 East 7th Street, Austin, TX – $12 without SXSW pass


And we will have 250 of these cassettes available.  Only place you can get them is at the SXSW show. With a song from each artist performing at the show.  Yeah!




J Fernandez Show [Live]

J Fernandez

We are excited to announce J Fernandez, Big Colour and Self to the Joyful Noise stage this Thursday, October 16th, 8 PM. This show is pay what you want.

J Fernandez has been hailed as a reclusive basement pop creation…. Not much is known about the Chicago natives other than the fact that they consider Ludens throat lozenges to be influential to their sound. We see the connection. Their live shows have been known to cause slight hypnosis and uncontrollable enjoyment. A cross between the Doors and a futuristic avant garde pop recluse savant, J Fernandez will put on a show you’ll definitely talk about for eons to come.

J Fernandez will be joined by the once Chi-towners turned Indy group, Big Colour and Michigan band, Self. Big Colour do lo-fi pop like it’s nobody’s business, Self are known for creating vast sonic landscapes. Both have been known to put on kick ass shows. We hope to see you all here Thursday night to hang with us and hear some great music! Show starts at 8 PM.





Conveyor 6/29/14 [Live]

in mid rock

in mid rock

I wasn’t expecting much of a crowd to be joining me for the free Sunday evening performance of Brooklyn-based Conveyor at JNR the other night, but I was pleasantly surprised. They even ran out of beer.

I had seen Conveyor on one prior occasion, and had been taken aback by the technical audacity they so seamlessly managed to blend with danceability. This show served only to reinforce my opinion. Conveyor’s uniform black outfits against their candy-colored instruments set a visually striking backdrop for a set characterized by intricate story lyrics, infectious guitar lines and a minimum of two meters per song. Superbly balanced two and three part harmonies were icing on the cake.

There was a woman in the audience with a snake on her neck, which upon closer inspection (I.E. it stuck its tongue out at me) turned out to be real.

The band was tightly rehearsed, nonchalant and effortlessly musical on stage. Each successive song seemed to garner greater applause, and I’m firmly convinced the crowed would have enjoyed the set with no beer at all.

Which, for a Sunday night, is saying something.