In Like a Lion: Mike Adams At His Honest Weight [Artist Spotlight]

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Mike Adams At His Honest Weight

We’re featuring MIKE ADAMS AT HIS HONEST WEIGHT for our April Edition of the Flexi-Series.

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So, but yeah:

I’m going to summon my courage here and try to describe MIKE ADAMS AT HIS HONEST WEIGHT just a little bit.

On Bandcamp, the genre tagging “Oscillate Wisely”–the epic LP available at St. Ives–is “Boogie Woogie Electronic.”  Clicking on the link, introduced me to a bunch of great bands, the majority of whom I had never heard of.  I’m not sure how this nomenclature was arrived at but I would say it falls somewhere between Shoegaze & Alt-Country if we’re going to use MIKE ADAMS AT HIS HONEST WEIGHT as its exemplar.  Elements of psychedelic pop, maybe.

I would say* that his sound falls somewhere on a continuum between Shoegaze & Alt-Country.  Which is an interesting place to be, and a space that not too many musicians occupy.  There are elements of psychedelic pop–the beach-ey, spacious, and occasional fuzzed or buzzing.

Here are a few ways to get a hold of this amazing music if it’s not already in the mail on it’s way to your house as part of our Flexi-Series:

As mentioned, the LP is available at St. Ives.
You can buy the MP3’s or stream the album on the Bandcamp page.  
You can download a few of the songs over at Musical Family Tree.

*My opinions are my own, and do not represent the opinions of Joyful Noise : )