Join the Kenny Dennis III Street Team [Staff Posts]

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poster on the wall

Serengeti’s new album, Kenny Dennis III, is out November 11th.  There are too many people in the world who don’t know about this and who don’t even know who Kenny is. I know! Crazy! To fix that, we’d like to enlist you to put up posters to raise awareness (in exchange for an awesome reward).

Just follow the instructions below:

1. Email [email protected] your name and the address where we can send you 30 of these posters:


2. After receiving your posters, give them each a caption announcing the coming of KD III on November 11th (get creative! there will be a reward for the best caption) and post them where potential Kenny fans will see them. Record stores, music venues, coffee shops, malls, sports venues, etc.

3. Take photos of your posters on display and email them to [email protected]

4. Sit back and wait to collect your reward, consisting of: a free advance download of Kenny Dennis III, a comic book detailing the events of the album and a screen printed poster of Kenny and Ders (signed by Serengeti) shown as a work in progress below.

kenny and ders poster

For all of you who are gonna join the team, thank you. Now let’s go spread the word!

To begin email [email protected]

J Fernandez Show [Live]

J Fernandez

We are excited to announce J Fernandez, Big Colour and Self to the Joyful Noise stage this Thursday, October 16th, 8 PM. This show is pay what you want.

J Fernandez has been hailed as a reclusive basement pop creation…. Not much is known about the Chicago natives other than the fact that they consider Ludens throat lozenges to be influential to their sound. We see the connection. Their live shows have been known to cause slight hypnosis and uncontrollable enjoyment. A cross between the Doors and a futuristic avant garde pop recluse savant, J Fernandez will put on a show you’ll definitely talk about for eons to come.

J Fernandez will be joined by the once Chi-towners turned Indy group, Big Colour and Michigan band, Self. Big Colour do lo-fi pop like it’s nobody’s business, Self are known for creating vast sonic landscapes. Both have been known to put on kick ass shows. We hope to see you all here Thursday night to hang with us and hear some great music! Show starts at 8 PM.





Announcing: Serengeti “Kenny Dennis III” [Announcements]

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Life can’t always be bratwursts and O’ Douls. Sometimes, you need Kenny Dennis. He’s a cross between Ron Swanson, a Bill Swerski superfan, and the best Golden Age rapper that you never heard.

You may be familiar with Serengeti from his collaborative project Sisyphus (w/ Sufjan Stevens and Son Lux). If you’re unfamiliar with the saga of Kenny Dennis, this is the perfect opportunity to become a believer. On Kenny Dennis III the thick-‘stached Chicago MC is shouldering a mid-life crisis while forming a rap group, Perfecto, with Kenny’s long-time ally and rap partner, Ders (Anders Holm from Workaholics). Ders narrates the tale of the pair’s rise as they sweep through malls across the Midwest. Odd Nosdam makes the beats and Serengeti weaves the magic. So just take a seat, tune in, and have a time. 

Kenny Dennis III will be released on 11/11 on 2xLP, CD and Digital. The VIP-exclusive vinyl pictured above is limited to just 300 hand-numbered copies on baby pink & highlighter yellow color-in-color vinyl. In addition, the first 500 purchasers of any format will receive a free Kenny Dennis Comic Book and limited edition Perfecto cassette (limited to 500).


Check out the album’s opening track, “No Beginner”, premiered by Noisey:

Busman’s Holiday Digital Street Team [Staff Posts]

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Busman’s Holiday kick off their fall tour with Saintseneca tonight, and we at JNR headquarters are offering a special promotion for anyone who wants to help the band by joining their Digital Street Team.

The process is simple, and the band would really appreciate it.

  1. Friend Reagan, our JNR mascot, on Facebook.
  2. Join the event page for the show nearest you (listed below).
  3. Share the event on your Facebook page.
  4. Invite your friends to join the event page.

Once you’ve completed these four steps just message Reagan on Facebook letting us know you’ve helped out and we’ll hook you up with a free download of your choice of Busman’s two albums, either Old Friends or A Long Goodbye.

Event Pages:

9/30: Columbia, MO
10/1: Omaha, NE
10/2: Denver, CO
10/3: Albuquerque, NM
10/4: Flagstaff, AZ
10/5: Phoenix, AZ
10/6: Las Vegas, NV
10/8: San Diego, CA
10/9: Los Angeles, CA
10/10: Santa Ana, CA
10/11: San Francisco, CA
10/12: Portland, OR
10/13: Seattle, WA
10/14: Olympia, WA
10/15: Spokane, WA
10/16: Boise, ID
10/18: Salt Lake City, UT
10/20: Lincoln, NE
10/21: Lawrence, KS

For those of you who live near the shows in the second half of the tour (beginning with the Santa Ana show on Oct. 10th) we’re also looking for help putting up tour posters around town. If you think you’d be interested, just message Reagan on Facebook with your address and the show you’d like to help promote and we’ll send you some posters. We know this is extra work, so we’ll make it worthwhile for anyone who helps out.