Notown Ripoff/Cox Mix [Mixtape]

By (Staff Post)

There are two monomanias.  I’m going to do a mix inspired by both of them.  Above you can see the first one.  Stay tuned for the freak-wave, noise-pop mix inspired by Child Bite.  It’ll be coming up here shortly.  Tonight we’re doing “Cox Mix.”

The original release of the Monomania EP happened last March–that is, in March of 2012.  We re-released it as an LP last week, April 2nd, in the form of LP combining Child Bite’s two transcendentally brutal EP’s Vision Crimes/Monomania.

Yeah, that’s right.  Two days before Monomania by Deerhunter went on sale over at 4AD.  Karl called up Deerhunter’s manager a few weeks ago and was like, “Hey I just thought I’d call because –you know………I just thought you should know about this.”  Reportedly, Deerhunter’s management was like: “Yeah. [Pause] That doesn’t surprise me.  It’s a great title.”

Despite this somewhat inconvenient chronological coincidence, even here at Joyful Noise, we’re pretty excited about Deerhunter’s new album.  So tonight I’ve been revisiting Bradford Cox’s Micromixes which you can find (at least the track listings) over at the Deerhunter blog.

Between 2007 and 2010, Mr. Cox compiled 28 Micromixes.  They comprise roughly 20 hours of the most exquisitely curated music available…no qualifier there.  Combine these with the roughly 300 tracks of Atlas Sound & Deerhunter material I’d collected from all the albums, EP’s, the four Bedroom Databanks, the virtual 7″s, random singles, remixes etc.  Together these landscapes of sound more or less formed a totally immersive alternate universe which I inhabited for hours a day in 2011.  I like to go back every now and again.

So tonight I shamelessly ripped off Micromix 28–the final mix.  I started with the intention of merely rebuilding an identical copy of it on Spotify, only as an unmixed tracklist.  In the end I composed something that was longer and more “inspired by” then identical to Micromix 28.  If you want a clone playlist, you can go check out the tracklist & put it together yourself.

This mix features songs from 28, different songs by the same artists, plus it’s punctuated with Deerhunter & Atlas Sound songs.  I’ve braided in some Marmoset songs, since I’ve always felt like Bradford Cox & Jorma Whittaker were weirdly twinned in their aesthetics. A few tracks by Helvetia, and Joan of Arc have also been included to spike the punch.

At any rate: I hope you’ll enjoy the mix.  I’m no Bradford Cox, but with these artists it would be hard to come up with a bad mix.

If you like Atlas Sound or Deerhunter, Joyful Noise recommends that you check out Marmoset.