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All the best of the best semi-autonomously discovered music + the best test patterns available on the internet are RIGHT HERE at your friendly neighborhood noise label. Click the images to skip to the playlist.

Television Test Pattern

Television Test Pattern 2

Television Test Pattern 3

Television Test Pattern 5

Television Test Pattern 6



television test pattern 7
Television Test Pattern 8
Television Test Pattern 9
Television Test Pattern 10
            “They don’t control the controls,” sings Wayne Coyne in the poppin’ new hit that’s been blowing up your radio dial (‘The Terror’“I’m about to lose control and I think I like it,” say The Pointer Sisters.  What these artists are trying to get at is that there is no such thing as free will.  If you would like to learn more about how the thin, fictitious veneer of ‘Free Will’ underwrites the ethical paradoxes inherent in our model of global free-market capitalism & what that has to do with this playlist than you should probably think about going back to school or something.  You may also refer to the footnotes.[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]  Otherwise please just sit back, relax & enjoy these songs/test patterns.

Television Test Pattern 11

Television Test Pattern 12

Television Test Pattern 13

Television Test Pattern 14

Television Test Pattern 15

[1]If you didn’t have the whole concept of Free Will ready-made & prepped for aggressive deployment via our global infrastructure for multimedia 24-hour propaganda -news-cycle-style then…

[2] …you would pretty much have to make it up, refine your messaging, and sell the masses on it in order to keep our current economic construct running.

[3]  Which, I’m pretty sure, is exactly what keeps on happening.

[4]  So if we grant there’s no free will then that means there can be no such thing as the autonomous human subject or the totally pure, self-generating human subjectivity.

[5] And even if you aren’t willing to grant all that, but you’re still a mostly reasonable person, then you’ll still probably grant that there is no such thing as the individually-crafted media experience. 

[6] There is really no such thing as the “independently crafted” anything but even if there was the whole concept of an individually crafted media experience is a ridiculous contradiction in terms.  ‘Media’ is, by definition, a medium through which communication between two or more subjective positions is enabled and to some greater or lesser degree accomplished.

[7] Which would mean that there is no such thing as the playlist whose curation has been totally independent, sterilized of all contingencies associated with production & manufacturing, whitewashed of all socio-political, economic & interpersonal bias etc.

But if such a thing could exist: This would be it.

This playlist is pretty much the best of the best of the best music that I found more or less on my own over the past two years.  These are my favorite bands that I’ve found over the past few years that I can’t trace back to any specific person or particular episode where someone said, implied, or in some way indicated, “You should listen to this because xyz.”

No one introduced me to these bands so far as I can recall.

Except for I’m pretty sure Justin Shimp might have told me about Tommy Boy when it came out.




If you enjoyed the musical content of today’s MIXTAPE “BEST TEST PATTERN” then JNR recommends that you check out the musical stylings of DMA on his debut album Dream Beb.