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Notown Ripoff/Cox Mix [Mixtape]

By (Staff Post)

There are two monomanias.  I’m going to do a mix inspired by both of them.  Above you can see the first one.  Stay tuned for the freak-wave, noise-pop mix inspired by Child Bite.  It’ll be coming up here shortly.  Tonight we’re doing “Cox Mix.”

The original release of the Monomania EP happened last March–that is, in March of 2012.  We re-released it as an LP last week, April 2nd, in the form of LP combining Child Bite’s two transcendentally brutal EP’s Vision Crimes/Monomania.

Yeah, that’s right.  Two days before Monomania by Deerhunter went on sale over at 4AD.  Karl called up Deerhunter’s manager a few weeks ago and was like, “Hey I just thought I’d call because –you know………I just thought you should know about this.”  Reportedly, Deerhunter’s management was like: “Yeah. [Pause] That doesn’t surprise me.  It’s a great title.”

Despite this somewhat inconvenient chronological coincidence, even here at Joyful Noise, we’re pretty excited about Deerhunter’s new album.  So tonight I’ve been revisiting Bradford Cox’s Micromixes which you can find (at least the track listings) over at the Deerhunter blog.

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