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    I frequent one of the bi-monthly vinyl nights that we’ve got going in Cincinnati, and I’ve made it a point to play the JNR flexi each month. It’s been a sort of curiosity with people each week (“Oh, I’ve got one of those with whale sounds from National Geographic.” and “WHAT? There’s a spot for a COIN?!”) and it got me thinking that I’d like to put together a set of Bloomington bands for an upcoming night.

    I’ve got a pretty good start with the Mike Adams and Sleeping Bag LPs. I’ve also got a 7″ (What the Kids Want) that I can throw in there. A friend of mine recommended Murder by Death. Any other Bloomington vinyl that I should add? I need probably 8 songs.

    If I can’t get enough from Bloomington, then maybe Indianapolis bands.

    David Woodruff
    David Woodruff

    Vinyl specifically, I’d say:
    Wet Blankets (recent EP on Flanelgraph Records),
    Vollmar “Tell The Dirt”,
    Mike Adams’ full length (Sleeping Bag’s too for that matter),
    Full Sun (new 7″s available from Houseplant Records),
    Tammar “Visits” LP,
    Purple 7,
    Prayer Breakfast (&/or) Homecomings,
    Memory Map,
    Good Luck,
    Matty Pop Chart,
    Thee Open Sex,
    Apache Dropout,
    Cooked Books (new LP on Let’s Pretend),
    Stagnant Pools,
    High Dive,
    Elephant Micah,
    XRA records,
    And some that I’m neglecting.



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