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    Jack Shepler

    My name is Jack and I make websites.

    I would like to see dance remixes on the forum.

    Like JNR's website? Check out Ayokay:


    Hello, my name is Matt. I’ve been hooked on JNR since a friend introduced me to the flexi series almost a year ago. I love the VIP already/so far – love the shirt, the vinyl and the mp3’s… An idea that would be cool but probably difficult on your part (but you asked, xox), would be some sort of a personalized record, maybe for each vip’s birthdays… Such as an autographed album from our favorite band on the label. It can’t hurt to ask right?! Or a bday goodie package…That would be amazing, but honestly everything I’ve seen so far has been amazing too, so just keep up the good work!



    Hey there!
    I’m Chris. I’m a music addict, and a big fan of the JNR label. Being a VIP is cool and such, and this is also pretty cool!

    I’m always happy to meet fellow addicts.


    Joyful Karl

    Love the b-day idea mrtim! Don’t see that as logistically possible in the short term, but definitely something to think about. Thanks for sharing!



    Ok I know this thread is about the forum but mrtim’s post got me thinking. How about something for VIP subscribers on their 1 year subscription anniversary? Like a special patch or sticker to commemorate being a subscriber for 1 year.

    Anyway, about the forum, I think it would be rad to help select the next vinyl color! Or maybe we could suggest bands for next year’s flexi series


    I’m KB and I think the VIP program is awesome. Can’t wait to jump in the forum more.

Viewing 6 posts - 11 through 16 (of 16 total)

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