• Karl Hofstetter

    This is amazing.

  • tdoanesw

    After reading this several times, I just finally noticed the bookshelf behind the narrator in the second panel. Some good ones on that bookshelf. Red Harvest. I feel like I remember the autumn when you were reading that.

  • donald

    8 months since the last comment could truly be a representation of torment. While it certainly belies the reverbs of “universal torment”, a “universe of torment” takes us right smack into the very squirmhole of ambiguous wholality. Or should one say better burnt into eternal revelation than suffer the indignities of the Whole Earth Catalog in a single weekend marathon reading (Accept of course the endless episodes of Tongue-Foo. But, of course here I am demonstrating my age). Less cinnamon and more sulfur! “Sulfur the brethren to come unto me” or “suture the wound that sets you free”. Whig out on that one. Mazel-Tov Jacob. Rosie and I want to come up and see ya.