Wes Anderson World [Mixtape]

By (Staff Post)

I was supposed to do all kinds of stuff this weekend but at a certain point I crossed an event horizon, after which I was sucked into the unyielding vortex of filial obligations.  It was the father-in-law’s birthday and I was supposed to make Pad Thai.

So the folks were coming over for dinner, and the lady asked me to make a mixtape.  So I was putting these songs together for the occasion, and I found myself striving for a very specific effect.  What sounds like the  Zombies?  What goes well with Nick Drake?  After a while I realized that I was basically striving to create an immersive Wes Anderson soundtrack.  So I said, who am I kidding? I can’t curate as well as Wes Anderson. I dumped the original mix for later use, and just started pirating soundtracks.

There are those among us here at Joyful Noise who maintain that The Royal Tenenbaums is the most perfect film ever created.  I am among that number.  For me there’s not even really any competition aside from a few other Wes Anderson movies and a couple of things the Coen’s have done.  The soundtrack to Wes Anderson’s films, along with his use of futura font and a million other details, all arrange themselves into a world of poignant particularities that manifest the fully realized vision of a childhood that Wes Anderson never actually experienced, a place he’d like to go back to that he’s never actually been, the family he sort of wishes he’d come from.  Apparently so do I.