Date added: 10/23/2012 Kishi Bashi "Room For Dream" on 10" Black Vinyl

Kishi Bashi's Room For Dream EP is now available on 10" Black Vinyl!

Room For Dream -the very first Kishi Bashi recording- is a 21 minute miniature masterpiece containing early versions of two Kishi classics ("Manchester" and "Bright Whites"), and also featuring a guest performance by of Montreal's Kevin Barnes.

In addition, the 10" vinyl contains an exclusive bonus track "Unicorns Die When You Leave" -an outtake from the 151a recording sessions. This track is only available on the 10" vinyl edition of the EP. Room For Dream is out of print on CD, and the first pressing of the 10" vinyl (limited to 500 copies on clear/white split color vinyl) sold out in no time flat. Order the Black Vinyl while you can from the Joyful Noise online store:

10" Vinyl + Instant MP3 = $10: ORDER HERE
[yes, the MP3 contains the extra special super bonus track & original EP]