Monotonix - Now <p>The March installment of the Joyful Noise <a href="">2013 Flexi Disc Series</a> featured&nbsp;an exclusive track from Monotonix!</p> <p>From the city of Tel Aviv, Israel, Monotonix are the most insane motherfuckers in their geographic region. Which is saying a lot. Known for their chaotic, beer-saturating live shows (which typically end with the band being forcibly removed from the venue) Monotonix released their first two albums on the fantastic <a href="" target="_blank">Drag City</a> label. With their contribution to the Joyful Noise 2013 Flexi Disc series, Monotonix have thrown us a curveball. Their contribution &ldquo;Now&rdquo; is a 6-minute balls-to-the-wall experiment. A far cry from their almost grunge-leaning studio albums, &ldquo;Now&rdquo; is a mostly-instrumental, free-jazz-ish piece &ndash; showing that they are as opposed to musical convention as they are to dive bar security.</p> <p>Devotees will notice that the March 2012 installment of our Flexi Disc series was <a href="">a track by Jad Fair, also called &ldquo;Now&rdquo;</a>. Though this is a complete and utter coincidence, we are thinking of taking a cue from the universe and making it a recurring theme...</p> <p>&quot;Now&quot; is limited to just 1000 copies, and was only available as part of our 2013 Flexi-Disc Series. Though it&#39;s sold out, you can <a href="">sign up for our waiting list here</a>!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> $0.00