A year of VIP Membership + 10 Limited Edition Records + Exclusive Perks 

Early Bird membership is our annual, special package deal for an entire year of VIP membership, with automatic monthly shipments of VIP Edition vinyl and exclusive perks. In exchange for buying-in early, Early Birds get a huge discount (while sustaining the label and supporting our roster).

Early Bird membership opens in late autumn for the following year, and is limited to 300 spots.

The 2021 Early Bird VIP Package includes:

VIP Membership for all of 2021

a $60 value

Your VIP Membership (for the whole year) is included in the Early Bird rate!

VIPs get: 

  • Free Downloads of every new release 
  • Access to Exclusive Vinyl
  • Advanced streaming of unannounced albums 
  • Free concert tickets (or streaming concert access) 
  • 10% OFF all purchases + cheap, flat-rate shipping
  • and more! 

Monthly shipments of VIP Edition Vinyl

at 12% discount

Each month we'll send you the VIP Edition vinyl of our primary forthcoming release (in advance of the release date, before it’s available to the general public). Throughout 2021 you’ll receive monthly shipments, for a total of ten albums and two shipments of perks.

About VIP Editions: 

  • Limited to 300-500 hand-numbered copies 
  • The most limited variant of the release, and will never be repressed 
  • Pressed on specialty-colored vinyl, with attention to audio fidelity 
  • Typically contain exclusive bonus content (7", flexi, cassette, art-print, etc). 


a $50 value, but come on, priceless!

Early Birds get exclusive perks not available to regular VIPs! We've partnered with local print shops and woodworkers to assemble a bunch of awesome swag for you this year:

  • Secret Sampler 7”, a sneak peek at unreleased songs and snippets from upcoming releases (backwards playing, locked grooved, wild!) 
  • JNR T-Shirt. Be sure to SELECT YOUR SIZE! 
  • A JNR-branded wooden LP Divider  
  • A custom Flexi Disc Weight, for improved-fidelity flexi experience  

Early Bird 2021 sign-up is now closed, but check out our normal VIP Membership here.