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This "Early Bird" package is limited to 250 and includes VIP Membership for all of 2017, 7" Singles Series, optional 12" White Label Series, Wooden Box Set, VIP T-Shirt, exclusive Secret Sampler etched-vinyl, and more.
  • EARLY BIRD 2017 - VIP Membership - Joyful Noise Recordings - 1
  • EARLY BIRD 2017 - VIP Membership - Joyful Noise Recordings - 2

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monthly vinyl subscriptions

7" Singles Series

Every month you'll receive a limited edition 7" record uniquely packaged with screen-printed jackets, exclusively available to VIPs. Each record will come from one of our three distinct Record Series (you'll receive 12 records total, 4 from each series). These conceptual series are as follows: 

Cause & Effect:
We're bringing back this concept we originally explored with this release. Side A features a highly-influential ("legacy") artist, Side B features a new ("up and coming") artist who has been influenced by the dude on Side A... Cause, and Effect. 

Almost Live:
Periodically we ask some of the best bands in the world to perform at our Indianapolis headquarters. This record series documents those performances on white 7" vinyl w/ unique screen-printed art directly on side B.

Mystery Singles:
A sneak peek at some of our most highly anticipated releases. Mystery Singles in 2017 will feature the first glimpse and exclusive audio from our biggest releases, pressed on unlabeled clear 7" vinyl w/ unique screen-printed art directly on side B.

12" White Label Series

We are very excited to introduce our new WHITE LABEL SERIES! Limited to just 500 copies, this new series features the best unknown bands in the world, as identified by JNR artists. Yes, this is an artist curated series, with albums hand-picked by Doug Martsch, Lou Barlow, Kishi Bashi, Yoni Wolf, Tim Kinsella, and others. 

This is still a little "hush-hush" right now, but early birds have the option of signing up now.

"Early bird" Exclusive Perks 

Exclusively available to "early bird" VIPs, limited to 250 hand-numbered copies. These wooden, screen-printed, box sets are custom-built to house all VIP 7" singles from 2017.

Secret Sampler 12"

— Limited to 250 hand-numbered copies, on clear etched vinyl.
— Exclusively available to "Early Bird" VIP Members.
— Features new tracks from unannounced, upcoming JNR releases.
— Each track on Side A is "parallel grooved" (put the needle down on the first thread and you'll hear one song, put the needle on the second thread and you'll hear a completely different song, and so on).
— Side B features custom etching and a secret message.

VIP Exclusive T-Shirt

A new JNR T-shirt, designed by our own David Woodruff, and available only to VIPs.

Details On What's Also Included

This is the ultra-limited, wild and crazy shit that no one's even thought up yet. They will be small-run super creative release that we'll be cooking up with our pals at PEOPLE IN A POSITION TO KNOW. Ever heard of a six-sided record? Yeah, that's what we're talking about!


You'll have access to limited, hand-numbered vinyl editions of our releases. VIP editions are the most limited versions of our releases, pressed on specialty colored vinyl, often packed with bonus material, and only available to VIP Members.


As a VIP you will receive advanced notifications of all new releases. We will email you (or text you if you prefer) 12-24 hours before any release is announced to the world. This advanced notice gives you first dibs on limited releases that often sell out soon after they are announced publicly.


As a VIP you will automatically receive free downloads of every new release in MP3 and WAV formats. And not only that, you'll get the download a full 1-2 weeks before the album is officially available. The only exception will be music that is not released digitally. But if the digital version exists, it's yours. Free of charge.


As a VIP you'll have access to special website content hidden from the public. This includes our ongoing Private Stash (featuring a rotating selection of otherwise-sold-out releases), and access to our annual Test Pressing Week.


No foolin’. We offer free shipping for VIPs on all orders to North America, UK, or Europe! Yes, that means no more $18 shipping fees for you overseas folks. Anything you order from JNR for the rest of the year can be combined with your monthly shipment free of charge. 




NOTICE: by signing up for VIP Membership you are accepting our Terms & Conditions, in which you agree to refrain from any dickish behavior like reselling limited releases at exorbitant prices. DO NOT sign up if your intention is to flip records. 

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