JD Pinkus

JD Pinkus - Fungus Shui

Catalog #: Shimmy-2008    Release Date: 8-20-21

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  • JD Pinkus - Fungus Shui
  • JD Pinkus - Fungus Shui
  • JD Pinkus - Fungus Shui

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Track Listing
  1. Fungus Shui Trinity
  2. Woke Up Dead
  3. You Look Funny When You Cry
  4. Shovel
  5. Pussyfoot Down
  6. Gittin It
  7. Short Straw
  8. Slow Crawl



    After 35 years on the face of the sun (Austin Texas), I took my wife, dogs, banjo and a bag of mushrooms to the Appalachian mountains of Western North Carolina. We got settled in and I couldn’t wait to record my second solo banjo record ‘Fungus Shui’.

    It had been a minute since ‘Keep on the Grass’ was recorded in Texas with the help of my banjo sensei, Danny Barnes. I’ve always been in love with the sound, range and tunings of the banjo. Just a natural conduit for me to write and play my songs. My playing is, say,....non-traditional. More of a spacegrass than a bluegrass. The addition of my pedal board lets me twist the banjo’s sound when needed or layer an orchestra of ME to bring out what I hear in my head.

    In a year where mushrooms have been discovered on Mars, this Fungal Mountain Breakdown seems ripe for release! Being that I wrote, played, recorded and mixed ‘Fungus Shui’ by my lonesome, it may be the most ME sounding release i’ve ever done. Glad to have it coming out on fellow Butthole Surfers alumni, Kramer’s label, Shimmy- Disc.

    -JD Pinkus

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