Kramer - Let Me Explain Something to You About Art

Catalog #: JNR335    Release Date: 7/24/2020

$ 20.00  


Track Listing
  1. Umberto D. (16:06)
  2. Odds Against Tomorrow (14:31)
  3. Jupiter and the Infinite (22:50)


    Commissioned by JOHN ZORN and released in 1998 on his TZADIK label's "Composer's Series", the three long-form experimental pieces herein feature the voice of a man nearing the end of his life, talking about art. Kramer's compositions incorporate dream-themes from three of his most beloved films; DeSica's "Umberto D", Robert Wise's "Odds Against Tomorrow" (in which the great Ed Begley gives the performance of his life), and the final sequence in Kubrick's "2001; A Space Odyssey", 'Jupiter & The Infinite'. Kramer musically explores the fragile links between life's final moments, and man's eternal musings over what - if anything - comes next.


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