Kramer - The Greenberg Variations

Catalog #: JNR335    Release Date: 7/24/2020

$ 20.00  


Track Listing
  1. The Curve Ball (4:26)
  2. The Emery Ball (2:34)
  3. The Spit Ball (AKA: The Dew Drop, The Spitter) (2:33)
  4. The Goo Ball (AKA: The Tar Ball) (3:26)
  5. The Screw Ball (2:18)
  6. The Knuckle Ball (3:05)
  7. The Ephus Ball (AKA: The Folly Floater, La Lob) (2:02)
  8. The Sinker Ball (2:58)
  9. The Slider (AKA: The Grease Ball) (1:56)
  10. The Splitter (2:15)
  11. The Fast Ball (AKA: The Bullet) (2:45)
  12. The Change Up (3:07)
  13. The Slow Ball (3:46)
  14. The Breaking Ball (2:45)
  15. The Bean Ball (AKA: The Duster, A Little Chin Music)
  16. The Strike Out (2:35)


    Commissioned by JOHN ZORN and released in 2003 on his TZADIK label's "Great Jewish Music" series, Kramer's 16 instrumental audio-theater pieces form a melancholy memorial to baseball's greatest hitters, Hank Greenberg. Orchestral and folk instrumentations gently entwine to create a slow-motion audio soundtrack for one of the greatest swingers in the history of America's great pastime. No fan of Kramer's ever-expanding composer's canon should miss these pastoral explorations into the past. These brief yet entrancing musical vignettes (each one named after a different "pitch") transport the listener to a time long gone.
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